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12 - 14th, November, 2012.

Transamérica Hotel
Nações Unidas Avenue, 18591, Santo Amaro
São Paulo, Brazil - Phone: +55 11 5693-4050
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Proposal for the 5th Edition
Sustainable Growth based on Innovation Networks: Agenda Brazil.

1. Gather partner countries to construct an Agenda Brazil around the theme: Global Open Innovation Networks
2. Establish Permanent Forums for the challenges of  Open Innovation Management
3. Create Open Innovation Arenas driven global challenges wich Brazil can be protagonist
4. Develop actions of  Dissemination and Education in Open Innovation in order to create a culture of collaboration
5. Consolidate group of Academic Research Applied in Open Innovation

Previous Editions

The Concept

The event dared to debate the applicability of open innovation in Brazil, bringing experts, executives, academics, policy makers and the founder of the open innovation concept: Professor Henry Chesbrough. » Website

With a two-day duration, the event had the exclusive participation of Chesbrough and 46 panelists, in four panels and six technical sessions. There were 350 registered participants, from 156 different institutions, creating a moment in which open innovation practitioners could meet, share experiences and interact. » Website

In 2010 we became a three-day event. The main new was the creation of an intensive course elaborated and taught by Chesbrough and Brazilian experts. The main goal was to establish a group of national leaders in open innovation practices for Brazil. » Website

The seminar was held to a much larger audience if compared to the past editions. Once focused in innovation managers, in 2011 the Open Innovation Seminar expanded to a wider audience by also involving innovation practitioners. In that edition, we introduced the concept of Open Innovation Arena. » Website


In four editions:

We introduced the concept of Open Innovation in Brazil We built Open Innovation communities of practice in Brazil and connected them to the world The event has become an international reference in Open Innovation

2011 Outcomes

Facts and Figures:

  • Attracted around 1,200 professionals
  • Trained 214 professionals in 10 courses
  • Participation of 11 international guest speakers
  • 48 supporting institutions
  • 16 sponsors
  • 12 Clinic Hours with Henry Chesbrough
  • 7 Open Innovation Arenas (Wayra, ABDI, PuraInova, Security, Transport,Capability Development Center, International Collaboration)

Open Innovation Seminar



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