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Date: November 13th, 2012


Good health is essential to human welfare and to sustained economic and social development. Many countries are facing multiple challenges. These include demographic changes; meeting the demands of elderly people for independent living and high-quality health care. There are also increasing demands on health promotion and prevention (to improve quality of Life).

Also, the development of new medicines and advanced technology requires new cost-effective healthcare solutions as well as innovative health management solutions. An increasing number of growing economies will demand better healthcare, public services and quality housing. Lifestyle-related diseases, pandemics, pollution, mental illness, are putting increasing pressure on the quality and availability of care. Antibiotic resistance is a further challenge.

Thus, health, wellbeing and medical care creates possibilities for:

• New innovative custom-oriented (e-)services.
• New markets for goods and services, e.g. silver economy/ageing society, health management.
• Technical and medical solutions – new possibilities and a growing market for industry.
• Climate and environment – green, smart healthcare.
• Process innovations towards more patient-centred, effective care production.

There is a great interest not only from governments but also from industry and all those who works in the health service to develop supportive systems that can improve its innovation capabilities. Approaches such as challenge-driven innovation, innovation hubs, test-beds, patient orientated research, innovation for future health, social innovation and national financial resource for demand-driven clinical research in collaboration between industry, academia and healthcare system are becoming more common.

Successful models, such as CIMIT from Boston, that has proven its ability to initiate and accelerate translational medical research in the domain of devices, procedures, and clinical systems engineering are examples of the type of solution the health service sector is fostering. CIMIT’s approach is based upon four assumptions:

• With active effort, sophisticated technology from other industries can be applied in healthcare to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

• Early-stage, high-risk, high-reward ideas have little access to funding.

• The solution to many of the current problems in healthcare today is best achieved through active collaboration between the clinical and engineering research communities.
• Facilitation and coaching at every stage of the innovation cycle adds value, produces better outcomes and yields better researchers.
The Open Innovation Center – Brazil is hosting a one-day international workshop that will gather representatives from countries, academe and industry to discuss collaboration and new strategies for innovation in healthcare that could be applied in Brazil.


Representatives from the triple helix actors, government, industry and academia, and all those who work in the health system sector.
Attendees shall be fluent in Portuguese or English (there will be simultaneous translation).


The event will be held in a conference room for up to 300 people from 9 am to 3 pm with a full day program.

Along with the program, partner institutions will have the chance to expose their offers in an exhibition lounge.

It will take place at Transamerica Hotel in São Paulo along with the Open Innovation Seminar.

The program is divided in three main sessions:

In the first session representatives from the Brazilian government will present their perspective on the challenges for health, wellbeing and medical care, as well as the main policies being implemented.

In the second session representatives from hospitals, medical profession, academic research and industry present their view on the proposed challenge and opportunities for collaboration.

During the third session international partners present their view and strategies as well as their proposals for collaborating with Brazilian institutions.
The workshop ends with a panel where participants will discuss opportunities for international collaboration.


The event is a non-for-profit activity proposed by CISB, CIMIT and Centro Universitário FEI.
(TBC) Fleury, EMS, Centro Universitário FEI, Incor, Hospital Albert Einstein and Biominas.


Along with the program, partner institutions will have the chance to expose their offers in an exhibition lounge.
Please contact: Ádiler Carolina Vilkas

For single participation:

CATEGORY until 28/09 until 8/11 At the venue
Non-members participants R$ 1.000,00 R$ 1.125,00 R$ 1.250,00
Participants members of Supporting Institutions R$ 800,00
R$ 900,00 R$ 1.000,00
Scholars and pos-graduated students (master or PhD levels) R$ 500,00 R$ 500,00 R$ 625,00


Deadline for special discount: September 28, 2012.

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