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Date: November 14th, 2012


Innovation has become a key factor for the economic success and a prerequisite for sustainable development. In a complex and highly competitive global market, companies have to innovate and develop commercially viable products and services faster than ever. To meet these new challenges, companies adopt new approaches to their innovation strategies and processes.

Confronted with increasing global competition and rising research and development (R&D) costs, companies can no longer survive on their own R&D efforts but look for new, more open, modes of innovation. Companies’ innovation activities are increasingly international, and they are embracing “open innovation” – collaborating with external partners, whether suppliers, customers or universities, to keep ahead of the game and get new products or services to market before their competitors. At the same time, innovation is being “democratized” as users of products and services, both firms and individual consumers, increasingly become involved in innovation themselves.

Multinational enterprises (MNEs), in particular, have increasingly shifted R&D activities across borders within their global value chain and rely on outside innovation for new products and processes. Companies are also found to be more active in licensing and selling results of their own innovation to third parties.

In the last decades, Brazil has achieved to build a solid scientific community and industrial basis. Now it is implementing policies to mesh its research and economic development activities to create a fertile innovation ecosystem. This context has made Brazil an attractive country for the establishment of R&D center for MNEs. Just to mention a few, companies such as Google, Ericsson, Fiat, Scania, Whirpool, Schlumberger, IBM, GE, Saab, Siemens have established R&D presence in Brazil in different moments, regions and for different reasons.

The Open Innovation Center – Brazil is hosting a one-day international workshop to gather representatives’ from foreign MNEs, local government and universities to discuss the lessons learnt, challenges and opportunities for the continuation and the establishment of new R&D Centers in the country.


Triple helix actors, such as representatives from government, industry, academia, science parks, incubators, and research institutes.
Attendees shall be fluent in Portuguese or English (there will be simultaneous translation).


The event will be held in a conference room for up to 1500 people from 9:00 to 18:00 with a full day program.

Along with the program, partner institutions will have the chance to expose their offers in an exhibition lounge.

It will take place at the Transamerica Hotel in São Paulo along with the Open Innovation Seminar.

The program is divided in four main sessions:

First session Brazilian federal and selected state governments will present an overview of its main programs and ambitions to maintain and attract new foreign R&D Centers.

The second session will be dedicated to specialists to give their view on the lessons learnt for Brazil and MNEs in the topic of maintaining and attracting R&D centers to the country.

The third session will be dedicated discuss the experience, challenges and future opportunities for maintaining foreign R&D Centers in Brazil.

During the fourth session, be dedicated discuss the experience, challenges and future opportunities for attracting and getting started new foreign R&D Centers in Brazil.


The event is a non-for-profit activity proposed by ABDI.


Along with the program, partner institutions will have the chance to expose their offers in an exhibition lounge.
Please contact: Ádiler Carolina Vilkas

For single participation:

CATEGORY until 28/09 until 8/11 At the venue
Non-members participants R$ 1.000,00 R$ 1.125,00 R$ 1.250,00
Participants members of Supporting Institutions R$ 800,00
R$ 900,00 R$ 1.000,00
Scholars and pos-graduated students (master or PhD levels) R$ 500,00 R$ 500,00 R$ 625,00


Deadline for special discount: September 28, 2012.

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